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ag亚游官网: The contrast of bamboo floor, real wood floor and compound floor

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ag亚游官网:The contrast of bamboo floor, real wood floor and compound floor

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Bamboo flooring

Reawood floor

l Compound floor

Environmental protection

Excellent: bamboo is a kind of rapid raw material, recyclable, in accordance with the current world sustainable development trend, low carbon environmental protection

Advantages: scarce resources, slow growth and serious damage to natural ecology

Slightly inferior: mixed wood chip and chemical glue to stir to suppress and become


It is warm in winter and cold in winter

Optimal: the foot feels good


Beautiful sex

The texture is natural, elegant and small

The texture is natural, elegant and the colour difference is bigger

Color difference is small, but not natural, flower color brand diversity

The cultural connotation

There is a long history of bamboo culture, such as the cultural connotation of bamboo




Long: it's easy to refurbish and unpack

Long: removable, removable

Short: not refurbished



More difficult to


Deformation rate

High density, single-piece masonry mechanical structure combination, withstand pressure, shock resistant, low deformation

High: low self-density, large area, easy to deform

High: expand greatly, especially absorb water expands big

Suitable for geothermal

Can be: bamboo oneself density is high, belong to straight fiber structure, because the heat coefficient is low, can be very good to have geothermal effect

Low thermal conductivity: soft wood material, easy to change with temperature

Heat conduction difference: after special treatment

The price

Cheap and fine



The investment risk

The variety is single, the foreground is big, the investment is small, the risk is small

Small prospects, big investments, big risks

Due to the rich variety of variety, the investment is large

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